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The Economy of the Future

The Circulair Friesland Association aims for a fast transition towards a sustainable and circulair economy in the province of Friesland. It works on solutions for this transition by carrying out a wide range of projects together with businesses, governments, and civil society organizations.



Anyone can join!
Anyone who wants to have an active role in accelerating a sustainable and circular Friesland. Whether you're a company, municipality, province, research institute, civil society organization or simply someone with a good idea.

What do we ask of participants?

-    An annual contribution of € 5,000 to the organization, for a minimum of three years. 
-    To bring in a sustainable and circular project, or to participate actively in an existing project (for example by being a launching customer, or by contributing knowledge and expertise). 
-    A proactive attitude! Curiosity and openness to new ideas.