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The Economy of the Future

The Circulair Friesland Association aims for a fast transition towards a sustainable and circulair economy in the province of Friesland. It works on solutions for this transition by carrying out a wide range of projects together with businesses, governments, and civil society organizations.


Plan 2016


Circular Friesland plans to do the following in 2016:

- Circular Agriculture: organize two round tables
- Circular Plastic: set-up and facilitate 'circular plastic incubator'
- Organic Waste Streams: organize two round tables 'Making better use of biomass'
- Construction of the Future: set up the platform: 'Circular (re)building'
- Saline Agriculture: support the Frisian Salt Institute

- Central Organization:
   -    Support one of the projects in each sector, so that one will be implemented each year
   -    1 Frisian Conference on the Circular Economy        
   -    Create publicity for the Circular Friesland Platform in the Netherlands and in the EU        
   -    Fundraise for the projects in the five clusters  

Further ideas and opportunities are always welcome! Please send an email to info@circulairfriesland.frl.