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The Economy of the Future

The Circulair Friesland Association aims for a fast transition towards a sustainable and circulair economy in the province of Friesland. It works on solutions for this transition by carrying out a wide range of projects together with businesses, governments, and civil society organizations.


The Green Bioroad

The Green Bioroad

Making a guardrail out of biomass to reduce emissions of particulate matter and stimulate greenery along the roads.

Along almost every road there is a roadside where grass grows and sometimes a row of trees. It is interesting to look at a high utilization of the roadsides by organizing it future-proof. The company Donkergroen developed at type of an 'organic guardrail', replacing the high energy- and steel intensive guardrail. Especially along roads where predominantly much particulate matter is emitted, this pollution can be captured by planting shrubs creating a 'guardrail of shrubbery'. This has an immediate positive impact for all residents. Through the design could reduce for example heat stress, water buffering, trapping air pollutants, capturing CO₂ and enhance biodiversity.

Reststromen - Donkergroen, groene vangrail (checken of die scherp genoeg is)

Currently, we are in discussion with municipalities about the possibilities of implementing the Griene Biodyk. The biomass obtained from the shrubbery can be used for different applications. Biomass is a source raw material for all kinds of products of high-grade ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, for example, building materials, but also compost which is necessary in order to arrive at the appropriate soil improvement. Besides the 'guardrail of shrubbery', the roadside of the "Green Bioroad" can be filled with multifunctional crops and solar panels.