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The Economy of the Future

The Circulair Friesland Association aims for a fast transition towards a sustainable and circulair economy in the province of Friesland. It works on solutions for this transition by carrying out a wide range of projects together with businesses, governments, and civil society organizations.


Incubator Circular Plastics

Incubator Circular Plastics

BeStart.nu, the incubator for students and entrepreneurs to create start-ups and to design new high-quality products.

Many people in Friesland have no idea what happened with their plastic when they throw it in the bin. To make this visible; telling people the story behind a product; and design more products out of plastic, it is good to have a physical location for this. A place for start-ups and where at the same time these entrepreneurs/initiatives are supported actively.
In this project an incubator is created in which entrepreneurs, creative students and innovators in the field of circular plastic come to Friesland and get support from educational institutions and businesses!

Plastic - plastic dichtgedrukt

On 17 February BeStart was founded, the incubator which is running at full speed, currently. Together with professorship 'Circular Plastics' in Leeuwarden, a permanent community of creative talent is organized in Friesland. They are working on the valorisation and marketing of high-quality recycled plastics in consumer products.

More informatie about BeStart; all earlier start-ups; or to sign in as a cleantech startups, look at the website of BeStart.