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The Economy of the Future

The Circulair Friesland Association aims for a fast transition towards a sustainable and circulair economy in the province of Friesland. It works on solutions for this transition by carrying out a wide range of projects together with businesses, governments, and civil society organizations.


Profit from manure

Profit from manure

Valorization of manure while maintaining soil quality.

In the province of Friesland, more than 9 million tons of manure are produced each year, mostly from cows. Chemically speaking, manure is a mixture of water, minerals and organic matter. In a purified form, these minerals contain valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Currently, manure is usually stored in a liquid form and, where possible, spread out over the land. However, this creates a number of problems due to the composition and quantity of the manure, and this has many (indirect) environmental impacts on the water and soil quality. Because of increases in the production of milk, combined with decreasing market opportunities throughout the country, it has become urgent to convert this waste stream into a valuable commodity as effectively as possible.

Agriculture - green gas roundabout

This project investigates the possibilities to locally process the liquid manure from about 70 to 100 farmers in Oudehaske with a manure- and residual powerplant (and probably soon more). In the power plant, nutrients can be recovered from the manure, in combination with fermentation (oxygen-free degradation by micro-organisms) which produces biogas. This is being worked on in a partnership between FrieslandCampina, Omrin, Vitens and Royal HaskoningDHV.

In order to further develop this project, it is important to set up an optimal nutrient cycle, so that the current level of soil fertility on Frisian farms is maintained or even improved, and no fertilizers need to be imported. In time there will be a meeting with examples of successful, pioneering farmers.